Against The Wind: Storm Proofing Your Home

Against The Wind: Storm Proofing Your Home We’ve all heard the suspenseful tales of mystery and adventure that begin “on a dark and stormy night.” However, while stormy winds may be romantic in stories, they become a major danger when they occur in real time in your neighborhood. Such a tempest can be wildly destructive … Read more

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Bursting Water Pipes

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Bursting Water Pipes (But Were Afraid To Ask ) The holiday season is a time of joyous celebration, fireside memories and the rekindling of old connections. However, for many readers, it is also the season of freezing temperatures, snow and ice. The winter season brings tidings of good … Read more

Residential Electrical Fires and How To Prevent Them

It’s a scenario nobody wants to imagine, and few believe it will happen to them. However, each year there are an estimated 51,000 home electrical fires, collectively causing 1.3 billion dollars in property damage. And that is just in the United States! The best way to protect yourself, your family and your home from electrical … Read more

Advantages of Remodeling During an Insurance Claim

Nobody enjoys having to file an insurance claim for damages to one’s home. Home is where we nest. It’s where we make so many of our memories. And it’s where we feel most secure. When unforeseen damages occur to our sanctuary, it’s a difficult time and a troublesome process. Homeowners may be tempted to simply … Read more


We are a LOCAL family-owned company located in the same offices for 31 years. We are NOT “Storm Chasers” who will pack up and leave once the work slows down. What we have to offer if you have experienced damage due to the recent severe storms and need assistance: • Experience in working with all … Read more