Home Remodeling Experts in Northern VA Since 1991

Metropolitan Contractors has over 32 years of experience completing high-quality home remodeling projects throughout Northern Virginia. In addition, if your home has recently experienced fire, water, or storm damage, now is the perfect time to complete the home remodel you’ve been dreaming of. A stunning remodel can be an excellent silver lining to the unfortunate situation of home damage.

We have the expertise (Build or Design + Build) and proper licensing for most any repair, renovations or upgrades to your home. Whether it is building a room addition to your home, completing or refinishing a basement, custom kitchen renovation or a bathroom remodeling project we’re here to help. Often times many of our remodeling projects are started when our customer’s home has been damaged by fire or excessive water damage. Creativity and experience is absolutely critical when it comes to combining remodeling with an insurance claim. The two must be priced completely separately but with some creativity applied, many unique opportunities may arise. We also offer consulting services and budgeting for more complicated projects so please feel free to call our office to learn more. 

Kitchen Remodeling

One of the most common types of remodeling work for homes is kitchen remodeling. Making an upgrade to the kitchen—whether it’s a few new fixtures or a complete change, including new cabinets and countertops—can improve your home life, make the kitchen more accessible for people with mobility issues, and significantly increase the value of your home. Learn more about kitchen remodeling in Northern Virginia.

Kitchen Renovation completed by Metropolitan Contractors in Herndon, VA.

Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling a bathroom may seem like a less obvious choice. But there are several excellent reasons to consider a professional bathroom remodel. You can have new, water-saving fixtures put in. You can have aging plumbing replaced. You can make the bathroom easier to use and just more pleasant to be. A stylish and modern–looking bathroom will also raise your home’s market value. Learn more about bathroom remodeling in Northern Virginia.


A room addition can be as small as a bump-out or as large as putting in an entire second story. Putting in a home office, expanding the kitchen, adding a bedroom, or even putting a second story on a single-story house are only a few of the possibilities of a room addition. This is a great way to expand and improve your home without new home construction. Our team will see that your room addition is what you want it to be. Learn more about room additions in Northern Virginia.


New deck and Siding Change added by Metropolitan.