RestoMod, what the heck is it right? Obviously easy enough to explain the term; Restoration + Remodeling or when a restoration project (covered by an insurance claim) also includes custom remodeling that is not covered by the insurance policy. In our 32 years of business and 1,000 + projects completed we we’re able to identify maybe a handful of projects where the property owner didn’t want to change or upgrade something. This is primarily more common with the “large loss” or “major case” insurance claims where a large portion (if not all) of the home was damaged by the event, be it Fire, Water or Storm damage. The main point to take away from any of this is that you ever wanted to remodel a room, upgrade a kitchen, repaint, etc. this is quite possibly the best and most cost effective time to do so. Below is a basic synopsis for how such a project is handled (in general terms);
  1. Insurance Adjusters Estimate – 1st this has to be worked out and agreed upon by all parties (Adjuster, Homeowner and Contractor) before the repairs can begin. However, once an initial estimate is agreed upon by all parties, a starting point and a budget for this portion of the project has been created. 
  2. Code upgrades; Depending on the age and condition of the home (before the damage occurred) there are often times areas of the home that no longer meet current building codes. Upgrading these items are typically covered by most policies under what is called “Ordinance or Law Coverage”, examples could include the electrical system, outlets, stairs, insulation thickness, door openings, etc. These are all opportunities to improve your home and safety under the umbrella of the insurance policy. 
  3. Identify any portion of the insurance scope of work that is no longer needed or where a lesser value option may exist. Examples; some older heating systems may be obsolete or where a less expensive and more cost effective system may be sufficient in its place, where hardwood floors existed previously now carpet can be used instead, etc. These savings from the insurance estimate can be applied to any upgrades or remodeling projects. 
  4. Identify exactly what level of “upgrades or additional remodeling” is desired. This could include merely upgrading certain materials in the home such as flooring, countertops, tiled showers or floors, etc. from what was there before, or this could be a major remodeling project. Major remodeling could include building an addition to the home, opening up the floor plan by removing bearing or non-bearing walls and adding beams where necessary. Once the remodeling portion of the project is identified we would then provide a written estimate so we can establish the remodeling portion of the project. 
  5. What is the net benefit to taking on those long overdue remodeling projects at the same time the home is being repaired? Once any “credits” or “savings” have been determined from the insurance claim these funds can be allocated toward the upgrades or remodeling thus reducing the overall costs. * Also combining the two projects can substantially lower administrative costs or overhead as well as combining project supervision. The best bet is to first meet with one of our estimators / consultants to discuss your insurance restoration project and what options you may want to consider when it comes to upgrading or remodeling your home. 

Again, this is just a basic synopsis of how such a project is estimated or agreed upon before construction begins. This can all vary greatly depending on the extent of the damages, size, age and complexity of the project or how long the total project may take and what is covered by your insurance policy. 

If you have been the unfortunate victim of a home fire, flood or storm damage there can be a silver lining. Not only will the damaged portions of your home be restored to “like new” condition and covered by your insurance company, the opportunity and time to finally take on those long overdue home remodeling projects has never been better!

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