Vinyl Replacement Windows

If you are looking for replacement vinyl windows for your home, Metropolitan Contractors can purchase and install them. Our team recommends Simonton and Lansing replacement windows for your home, but we can also buy and install any other brand of vinyl windows.

Advantages of Vinyl Windows

If you are looking for an inexpensive alternative to wood windows, vinyl replacement windows are your best choice. Not only are they less expensive than other window alternatives they also require less maintenance. This is also one of the most popular materials for replacement windows in the United States. Forget about the extra care that wood windows need. Sit back and enjoy the view from your beautiful windows.

Available Customization

Although vinyl replacement windows require less maintenance and are generally less expensive than wood, you will find fewer color options. Vinyl windows typically don’t work well in older homes because of the limitation of color options and the inability to match the older décor.

If you are interested in more customizable replacement windows, then we would suggest wood replacement windows. If vinyl windows are the right option for your home, call Metropolitan Contractors today to schedule a free estimate.